The Upper Hand® Face mask is a certified medical device. It meets the strict requirements of Euro Norm EN14683:2019 and is a Medical Face Mask Type IIR. The filter material offers >99.99% BFE and is FFP2 equivalent. Splash resistant, breathable.


Use this Mask Pass to show that your mask meets current regulations in supermarkets, your workplace, public spaces.

It works on all phone types and will show up in your phone's wallet next to credit cards and boarding passes.

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Upper Hand® Material deactivates 99.9% of SARS-CoV-2 viruses and many other microbes upon contact. This has been proven in the high-security S3 Lab of FU Berlin, by Team Prof. Rösler.


Upper Hand® Mask comply with CWA 17553 from CEN, the European Committee for Standardization. Simply put: the mask is holding back infectious microbes with >99.9% BFE.


We attach a special group of molecules to the surface of the textile, so called quaternary ammonium compounds. They work similar to soap molecules and open the outer hull of viruses and bacteria through a high positive micro magnetic charge and “pop them like a balloon”. Viruses including Sars-CoV-2 and other microbes are deactivated upon contact. Antiviral Knit is safe to use, tested for skin compatibility according to ISO 10993.


The Nano Filter is super-thin fibers material that create a “sieve", just with nano-sized pores. This sieve filters and retains smallest particles, even those which are between 0.02-2 micrometer in diameter. Because its pores are so tiny it does not need any electromagnetic charge for filtering tiny particles. And thus: it can be washed more than 30 times without losing its filtration effect. This reduces waste: 1 Upper Hand Mask replaces 200 single use masks.


The particle filter takes out large dust particles and droplets from inhaled and exhaled air. This material also serves as carrier material for the high-performance Nano Filter fibers. These are attached to the particle filter as a super fine web during the electro-spinning processs. And when built into the mask, the particle filter protects the very delicate and thin Nano Filter during wear and wash. This increases the lifetime and sustainability of your mask.


We combine a super soft and skin friendly material with a treatment that prevents bacteria and microbes to build up. The material has a strongly positive micro-electric charge that attracts and destroys the negatively charged exterior of bacteria and microbes. Significantly less odor and dirt build up. And that means that you can wear self-cleaning cotton for longer before having to wash it.

Antiviral knit

kills 99.9% SARS-CoV-2 viruses

Nano Filter

high air flow, washable

Dust filter

capture dust and drops

Self-Cleaning Cotton

self-disinfecting, skin friendly